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Queensland Planning System updates

Amendments to statutory development application forms under the Planning Act 2016 were made in June.

Before submitting a development application, an applicant should ensure they use the most up-to-date versions of the forms (Version 1.1), by checking the forms that are available on the department’s website.

Members should be aware that changes were made to the following forms: 

  • DA form 1: Development application details (Version 1.1); and accompanying templates
  • DA form 2: Building work details (Version 1.1); and Referral checklist for building work (Version 1.1)
  • PA form 1 – Public notice about a decision to not amend or replace a planning scheme (Version 1.1)
  • PA form 2 – Decision notice approval (Version 1.1)
  • PA form 3 – Decision notice refusal (Version 1.1)
  • PA form 4 – Deemed approval notice (Version 1.1)
  • PA form 5 – Change application (Version 1.1).

State Assessment Referral Agency (SARA) fee increased this month

Fees for development applications lodged with or referred to SARA increased by 3.5% on July 2 in line with the rate of indexation. MyDAS2 applications that remain in ‘Preparation’ stage (i.e. not lodged) by 29 June were removed from the system.

Important: Lodgement or referral of an application with SARA is not complete until the ‘fee payment confirmation’ task has been completed and the stage is showing either ‘Lodgement’ or ‘Assessment’.