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Ground breaking deal for Bundaberg

The Federal Government recently announced the initiation of the Hinkler Regional Deal in an effort to strengthen development and investment in the local Bundaberg and Hervey Bay regions. The scheme aims to pilot a regional deal with the Federal Government committing to work with state and local governments to identify significant development opportunities in the region.

UDIA Queensland Bundaberg Branch President, Bill Moorhead has welcomed the Government’s interest in investing in the area.

“I believe that our region can always benefit from increased investment in our local economy and increased interest in our development industry. With all three levels of government working cohesively with the industry, there is no reason the Hinkler Regional Deal can’t yield positive results for all sectors of our community.”

Deputy Prime Minister, Nationals’ Leader and Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Michael McCormack has said like the existing City Deals, this Regional Deal will bring together all levels of government to capitalise on the opportunities for a region, and make the most of local strengths to foster economic development.

“The Regional Deal approach provides a unique opportunity to get all three levels of government on the same page and working together towards the common goal of ensuring a region can reach its maximum potential,” Mr McCormack said.

“Working together will help governments develop a shared vision for a region, which will identify and consider key investments and reforms that required in that area. For instance, in the Bundaberg-Hervey Bay area, a Regional Deal could look at existing plans for opportunities to attract new business to the region.”

Keith Pitt, the Federal Member for Hinkler has said the Bundaberg-Hervey Bay region has a lot of untapped potential to increase the output of key industries including agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.

“As a resident of the Bundaberg-Hervey Bay area I am well aware of not only the challenges that face our community but also the opportunities to grow our industries such as agriculture and manufacturing,” Mr Pitt said.

The Institute will continue to monitor the progress of this Regional Deal and how it will affect members in the area. With the support from all levels of government including the Prime Minister’s office, the Institute is confident that this deal can result in some great opportunities for members.