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Government approved planning scheme

The Institute’s Bundaberg Branch received notification in late December that the Queensland Governor approved the Development Scheme for the port State Development Area (SDA), 17 kilometres north of the city.

The new SDA development scheme is in place to respond to growing demand for port-related and industrial activities. It is intended to help facilitate economic growth and create jobs in the region and preserve significant environmental areas.

The Institute’s submission on the SDA planning scheme highlighted that we believe it is an opportunity to improve the region’s sustainability.

The Institute encouraged the State government to:

  • provide a plan for infrastructure for the SDA to provide certainty for investment
  • clarify the roles and areas of the relevant assessment managers that apply to the port
  • indicate buffer areas and transition areas to adjacent housing

Our CEO Marina Vit and Branch President Bill Moorhead said we strongly supported its introduction and with some minor improvements.

The SDA was originally declared in February 2017 and encompasses over 6,000 hectares of land around the Port of Bundaberg.