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Engagement on the agenda

Institute CEO, Kirsty Chessher-Brown, recently met with the Redland City Council CEO, Andrew Chesterman, to provide an update on the work of the Research Foundation and the Industry Leaders Research Group (ILRG). The council joined the ILRG earlier this year.

The Institute’s Research Foundation has undertaken significant work to understand community engagement and workshop circuit breakers into the process.

The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the importance of early, proactive, and genuine moments of engagement with the community. It also provided a chance to exchange ideas on how the Institute can collaborate with council to create more relevant and informative resources to aid community understanding of planning and development processes.

“Even planners can find the intricacies of the planning process confusing,” said Kirsty. “By normalising the planning and development processes in the community, we can create a shared language for those engagement discussions”.

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