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Emerging community needs careful consideration

Land supply in the Brisbane local government area is severely constrained. As a result, reducing the development potential of Emerging Community areas only threatens to further undermine land availability and exacerbate housing affordability pressures.

In our most recent submission to Brisbane City Council (BCC), the Institute has outlined concerns about the Brisbane Blueprint’s proposals for Emerging Community areas. Specifically, the Institute has explained that fitting Emerging Community development within residential areas can be addressed by improved codes and design guidelines.

Concerns with the Blueprint actions, include:

  • Negatively impacting council’s ability to meet ShapingSEQ dwelling targets to accommodate population growth
  • Removing the opportunity for infill development that can fit with the character of low density residential zones
  • Removing the flexibility of industry to respond to market changes and Brisbane homebuyer’s demands for a more diverse array of housing
  • Impacting the options available to accommodate forecasted population growth
  • Reducing the ability to meet the housing needs of our ageing community
  • Impacting the value of the land and contributing to development industry uncertainty with resultant impacts on Brisbane’s economic development and jobs creation.

The experience of developing Emerging Community sites demonstrates that there is strong demand for higher density housing in many locations. In practice, it is very important that the potential of these sites is realised and their development can instigate important regeneration of local areas to become vibrant and diverse communities.

Specific design guidelines and changes to code requirements in the City Plan could enable delivery of high quality, diverse housing typologies that are stylistically compatible with low density residential areas for the Emerging Community areas.

The Institute submission follows our previous submissions on the Blueprint. See the latest here.