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Caloundra Centre, bigger and better

The Sunshine Coast Branch has supported council planning scheme changes to enliven the centre, increase the opportunity to accommodate more housing, and ensure the Caloundra Centre continues to play a key role in the Sunshine Coast.

Revised building height provisions and re-zoning of a number of sites within Caloundra were the main aspects of this planning scheme amendment to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014.

The branch urged council to be more ambitious in regards to building height within particular areas of the Caloundra Centre. Greater heights should also be facilitated for exemplary design.

Greater density around the centre will boost the centre and also assist in meeting dwelling supply benchmarks set by Shaping SEQ.

The branch also encouraged more performance-based planning outcomes The branch highlighted that some of the Performance Outcomes within the Local Plan code do not allow flexibility for alternative outcomes.

To view these points and comments by the branch, please follow the link here.