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Accreditation and certification changes

Following extensive engagement with the Institute’s branches, Unitywater has announced a new accreditation and certification system coming online from March 5.

This is a month later than previously advised to allow more time for people applying to be accredited to finalise their applications.

We have been closely working with Unitywater to ensure the system works as well as possible for our members.

The new system will allow entities and individuals to be accredited and registered:

  • as being competent to assess connections applications
  • to certify that engineering designs and constructed assets are compliant with the relevant connections approval requirements and prescribed standards.

The accreditation and certification system applies to most connection applications that do not include trunk infrastructure or is a standard water or sewer connection. 

The new system will run in parallel with the application process until 30 June 2019.

From 1 July 2019, all aspects of non-trunk water supply and sewerage connections applications, including assessment of connections applications and design, construction and handover of donated assets to Unitywater, will be managed by accredited entities and individuals.

Members can contact Unitywater’s Accreditation Co-ordinator, Praveen Chand, at with any questions.