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2018 Policy Hit List

This year the Institute will continue to pursue key issues that impact your ability to deliver better communities.

The four on our hit list this year are:

  • Land supply and fragmentation
  • Diversity of housing supply
  • Transparency and delivery of infrastructure
  • Community consultation and engagement.

We need sufficient land supply to deliver diverse and affordable housing. Land in the SEQ urban footprint in particular is highly fragmented so it’s a challenge to develop. The working group we were instrumental in getting the government to form has more work to do and we’ll help drive it toward solutions.

From the work of the Research Foundation we know people want alternatives to detached houses and high rise apartments. Last year we made headway with governments to encourage LMR development in established and greenfield areas, which is work we will continue. We will identify the red tape that stops our members delivering alternate housing types.

Through our Research Foundation we’ve also learnt a key issue is people don’t know how councils use the infrastructure charges they collect. There’s no transparency on how local governments spend the money and the Palaszczuk Government has now promised to introduce transparency at our request. We’ll hold them to their promise to make local governments tell the community how those millions are spent.

Finally, through our research we’ve identified the pain points associated with the current approach to community consultation and engagement.  We’re busy trialling alternatives and this year we’ll work to understand how developers can proactively engage and work with the community. We’ll release a best practice guide based on the findings of our independent qualitative research just for our members.