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Mackay waterfront PDA in the works

The Mackay Regional Council is working with the State Government towards a PDA declaration over the Pioneer River Waterfront to the Binnington Esplanade Waterfront.

The Institute is very supportive of appropriate waterfront redevelopment and of the declaration of a PDA, subject to the comments provided in Mackay Branch’s letter to council in June this year, and as summarised in the following:

  • The need for close engagement with key stakeholders to coordinate and drive growth, noting the development industry is a key stakeholder in this strategy
  • Protection of valuable public open space from commercial development, and the retention and enhancement of public open space for future generations
  • The provision of strategically located and high quality public space enhancements that may have beneficial catalytic impacts on existing facilities and private land holdings
  • Avoidance of commercial development of public open space
  • Avoidance of negative commercial impacts on existing property and the encouragement of local business investment to stimulate the local economy. 

Branch President Mark McGrath said the branch looks forward to working with Mackay Regional Council on the specifics of the Masterplan Area to ensure the Mackay Waterfront Redevelopment Project provides a vibrant, connected, and accessible place for the community to enjoy.

“The Mackay Branch is strongly supportive of appropriate redevelopment that promotes growth, liveability, and diversification of Mackay,” Mr McGrath said.

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