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Update on Townsville City Deal

The Institute’s Townsville Branch has been invited to be part of the Townsville City Deal Local Partnership Forum.

The Branch will represent its members to provide insights and comments on the City Deal. Local committee member and Past President Andrew Wallace will be the Institute’s representative at the forum.

The Branch will meet with the forum twice annually, prior to meeting with the City Deal Executive Board to ensure that the feedback provided flows through.

Branch President Andrew Astorquia believes this is a great opportunity for the branch to advocate for the interests of the development industry.

“The branch will be able to evaluate and provide effective feedback on the impact of commitments and investments under the City Deal, ensuring we are all striving for good development outcomes for Townsville’s residents.”

The Australian Government, Queensland Government and Townsville City Council signed Australia’s first City Deal for Townsville late last year. The Deal, developed in collaboration with the Townsville community and private sector, is a 15-year commitment between the three levels of government to deliver transformative results for the region.

Feedback on the City Deal can be sent to the branch via