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Update on Townsville’s LGIP

The Branch committee will be following up with Townsville City Council on improving infrastructure planning and the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP).

The Institute was consulted on the LGIP through the implementation process and made a formal submission on behalf of their members to the council when it released the draft last year in October.

The branch supported the breath of infrastructure covered and many of the background studies done on future growth in the region but was concerned about some detailed financial planning aspects.

Some of the recommendations made by the Institute were not adopted however the local committee will be following up with council to work together on the critical costs and council’s long term financial planning involved in LGIPs.

Given the pivotal role a LGIP plays in assessing the viability of development projects in our market, the branch has long supported council’s efforts to engage in infrastructure planning.

The LGIP is an amendment to Townsville City Council’s planning scheme and replaced the Priority Infrastructure Plan on July 31 this year.

You can share your thoughts about the LGIP with the branch by email at