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New Gold Coast Logan Branch member

The Institute’s newest Gold Coast Logan Branch Member, Matthew Dean Architects, provides an insight into their experiences, learnings, and projects.

Registered Architect Matthew Dean sat down for our “Two minutes with…” interview.

How did you get involved in the development industry?

I have been involved with developers through my architectural practice. As a Registered Architect I have provided design and documentation services to numerous developers of the past 25 years. My projects vary in scale from duplex developments up to 17 storey high rise apartments.

Why did you decide to become a member of UDIA Queensland?

I became a member for two reasons:

  1. To connect with and offer my services to more developers through my practice
  2. To learn more about the development industry (i.e. project feasibilities & finance) with a view to developing my own projects.

Tell us about the latest trends in the development industry from your consultancy perspective.  

I find there is a focus on good design principles to add value to development projects. Correct orientation for energy efficiency, quality detailing, flexible spaces and well-articulated facades with character and depth all contribute to maximising the value of a development project.

Where do you see the property development industry in the next 10 years?  

I believe there will need to be more of a focus on higher density living. Rezoning of existing allotments to accommodate higher density. i.e. duplex/townhouse lots. I find many suburban developments lack private open space due to a maximised footprint on a small block of land. I would like to see a focus on more 2 storey house and land developments, that focus on minimising the footprint and maximise the available private open space in high density suburban developments.

Career highlight so far?

The design of a 17 storey apartment building in Main Beach, designed 2017.

What advice would you give to young professionals starting in the industry?

Work for other architects/developers before taking on projects yourself. Learn from their successes and mistakes. It will provide you with a wealth of experience and place you in the ideal position for success.