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Mackay's infrastructure charges and incentives amended

Mackay Regional Council has announced changes to the existing Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution and the Facilitating Development in the Mackay Region policy.

The amended Facilitating Development policy increases the number of developments eligible for discounted infrastructure charges in the region.

Other key amendments include:

  • Updating the policy to reflect the Mackay Region Planning Scheme 2017
  • Lowering the investment threshold for industrial development in Paget from $3 million to $1 million
  • Including eligible tourism uses in urban areas in addition to rural tourism
  • Additional concessions for residential small-lot reconfigurations and 1 bedroom dwellings
  • Introduction of a maximum concession of $500,000 per application
  • Removal of DA fee refunds and delayed payment of infrastructure charges for reconfiguring a lot developments.

Other incentives area also provided by council to encourage new development in the region.

The adopted infrastructure charges will increase from the existing rates, but development applications that are received and lodged before the commencement date of 1 February 2018 will have infrastructure charges calculated on the existing resolution.

Other key changes are:

  • Adopted infrastructure charges are in line with the State Government capped rates
  • Improved clarity provided around the methodology for calculating the levied charge
  • Charging a flat rate for for non-residential reconfiguring a lot development
  • Revised methodology for calculating (or recalculating) the establishment cost and updated trunk conversion criteria
  • Indexing previous pro-rata cash payments for infrastructure charges as a credit against new development infrastructure charges
  • Updated trunk infrastructure mapping, standards of service, and establishment costs for identified infrastructure.

Please contact Martin Zaltron, Policy Manager at the Institute, for any questions.