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Logan council response on fees

The Institute’s Gold Coast Logan Branch wrote to City of Logan noting our latest fees review shows they are generally competitive with other South East Queensland councils.

City of Logan’s Development Assessment Manager David Hansen advised in replying to the branch that they recently commenced their annual review of DA fees and charges. He also shared that this year’s review will be more comprehensive in terms of the fee amounts and the categories in which they are arranged.

David also noted that our review has given them a better starting point for this work and they will ensure the review we requested of plan sealing fees for large projects is part of the process.

The Institute’s Research Foundation annually collates data from several Queensland councils on their charges and provides this to members after verification by each council. CPI and other factors are reviewed and insights about how the charges compare between local government areas are provided to members.

Gold Coast and Logan’s Planning Pulse reports for this year can be accessed here