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Koala Conservation Plan released

The Koala Conservation Plan final engagement report is now available to view online. The Institute’s Gold Coast Logan Branch provided its input during the consultation period.  

The plan aims to ensure the long-term sustainability of koala populations on the Gold Coast, including safe passage and habitat retention, through threat mitigation actions, research, and community collaboration.

The plan requires any clearing to be undertaken sequentially, and in the presence of a suitably qualified koala spotter. It also prescribes three koala districts (A, B, and C) and includes requirements relating to the release and rehabilitation of sick or injured koalas. A Koala Conservation Plan map has been prepared for the State to outline the boundary of each of the Koala districts.

The plan commenced on September 1 as a replacement for the Nature Conservation (Koala) Conservation Plan 2016 and continues to provide the same legislative effect as the original instrument with a few changes

You can read the Koala Conservation Plan in full here.