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Keep Queensland competitive

The Institute has provided a series of budget recommendations to the Treasurer ahead of the Queensland Government’s 2017 budget release on 13 June. On your behalf, the Institute respectfully urged the government to consider adopting our recommendations as a means of creating jobs, growth, and diverse as well as affordable housing.

Our submission put forward recommendations we see as critical to the ongoing health of the development sector. We discussed some of our recommendations at our Major Developer’s lunch with the Treasurer on Wednesday.

Based on member feedback, our submission emphasised the need to avoid actions that could further reduce development activity, such as: the removal of the first home buyer grant boost; increasing foreign buyer surcharges; Project Bank Accounts (PBAs); and, other initiatives that add project cost or delays.

We  also put forward  recommendations that would allow the industry to maintain and grow its contribution to employment and the economy. We identified key budget priorities as:

  • Action around further infrastructure investment
  • Assisting seniors and providing more diverse housing
  • Development monitoring and productivity reform.

We believe these actions will help resist further housing affordability pressures on the community. Now is the time to act to ensure the industry is strong and that jobs as well as a more prosperous economy are delivered.

 To read the submission in full, click here.