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Institute wins on Brisbane City Plan

The Institute made extensive submissions on the draft Infrastructure Amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014.

The amendments covered the Draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP), amendment to the planning scheme policies, amendment to the planning scheme, and Major Amendment for Long Term Infrastructure (MALTI).

The Institute’s submission achieved changes regarding:

  • Definition of long term infrastructure amended and minor text change to Strategic Framework Table 3.6.4 Element 4.3 Specific Outcome 1
  • The draft LGIP demand conversion rate for ferry terminals will be amended
  • The Plans for trunk infrastructure (PFTI) in the draft LGIP will be corrected to align to the classification in the existing Road hierarchy overlay in City Plan
  • Draft road hierarchy classifications in the MALTI will be aligned to the classification in the existing Road hierarchy overlay in City Plan
  • Consideration will be given to public release of Land Use Activity Dataset (LUAD).

The draft LGIP represents council’s plan for trunk infrastructure over 10 years, whilst the MALTI protects land for future infrastructure purposes beyond the period of the draft LGIP.

To achieve this, the infrastructure in the MALTI is described in enough detail to provide landowners, developers and the general community with identifying features such as location and size.

Where infrastructure is necessary to be provided, or extra trunk infrastructure costs are required to be paid by a development, then the approval, conditions, and offsets will be in accordance with the Planning Act. MALTI infrastructure if triggered may be at cost above the capped charge. MALTI can:

  • Provide transparency to landowners, developers and the general community regarding council’s infrastructure planning
  • Provide council with the ability to protect sites of future infrastructure
  • inform the provision for the payment of additional trunk infrastructure costs.