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Headway with Unitywater

The Institute’s Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay branches have been actively engaging with Unitywater and a new working group has been formed that will meet in early December.

There has also been confirmation that Unitywater is introducing self-certification that will make approvals faster. Unitywater are currently training and certifying suitably qualified people to undertake the works assessment and approval process on their behalf.  Ultimately, it is understood that Unitywater may discontinue their assessment function.  The aim is to produce a more efficient and timely approval process.

Our branch representatives will also participate in a working group that was created following a meeting with the Unitywater Chairman and senior executives back in September. The first meeting will occur in November and include representatives from both branches.

The intent of the working group is to improve the working relationship on a range of operational issues including:

  • design standards
  • consistency
  • check lists
  • pre-lodgement advice
  • easements
  • as constructed drawings
  • resourcing
  • assessment timeframes. 

The meetings are proposed to occur every second month into the future.

If members have any issues they would like to raise ahead of this meeting, please email or