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Glastone Regional Council acknowledges Institute’s LGIP feedback

The Central Queensland Branch received feedback from Gladstone Regional Council regarding our recent submission on the draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP).

On behalf of our members, our submission raised concerns regarding the dwelling projections and areas included in the Priority Infrastructure Area (PIA) of the LGIP. The branch recommends that population and dwelling projections be reviewed in consultation with the industry.

We also highlighted that an independent review of the thresholds and standards used in the LGIP should be undertaken to ensure standards are cost-effective and updated.  

Council noted that only six submissions were received, and although no significant changes have been made to the LGIP in response to our submission, council acknowledged the branch’s feedback.

The Central Queensland Branch will continue to advocate for the best possible policy from councils and seek and collate industry feedback, suggestions, and concerns to present a collective view on local matters.

Council has also informed us they have requested the Minister’s review of the LGIP. The branch will continue to keep members updated.