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Election priorities set

The Institute drafted its election priorities in June and shared them with members in October ahead of the election being called late last month. Since June our team has met with a number of Parliamentarians and candidates to discuss our priority policy areas. 

We have 5 key priorities the development industry needs action on to continue delivering communities that Queenslanders want to live in. They are:

  1. Delivering the regional plans
  2. Communicating more effectively between government, industry, and the community
  3. Building the infrastructure needed
  4. Diversifying housing choice
  5. Optimising surplus government land.

Significant planning reform has occurred over the past three years, including the delivery of new planning legislation and new regional plans. We believe the focus needs to be on how regional plans are implemented.

We also believe that as Queensland grows and develops, it is crucial to change the way developers and the government communicate with residents to deliver better communities. The Institute also identified a range of actions that are urgently needed to support the provision of infrastructure for our growing population.  These identified infrastructure actions are catalytic and would support economic recovery in some regional locations.

Independent consumer research conducted on behalf of our Research Foundation indicates that there is significant demand for a range of housing types, particularly low-rise density including townhouses and terrace product. To ensure we are delivering the housing types demanded in the locations people want to live in, there is an urgent need to ensure planning schemes and associated codes facilitate its provision.

We will keep members informed as we continue to advocate during the election.