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Duplex design code in force

Toowoomba Regional Council introduced urgent changes to its planning scheme at the start of this month focused on duplex (dual occupancy) design.

These changes impact developers and designers of dual occupancy dwellings for the next year. But council is working toward making these changes permanent to address concerns raised by the community.

The Institute is keen to work with council on the TLPI to ensure a diversity of housing stock is available for Toowoomba residents.

New requirements impact dual occupancy proposals including in the low density residential zone and now require minimum 700 sqm sites and have maximum numbers permitted in any street block.

Additional detailed controls apply including for:

  • Building layout
  • Streetscape appearance
  • Car parking
  • Fencing
  • Pedestrian access
  • Landscaping
  • Privacy
  • Stormwater discharge
  • Protection of street trees.

Council states its aims are to improve the “character, scale and density” of this development type to “better integrate [it] with the surrounding neighbourhood”.

At council’s November meeting they adopted a Temporary Local Planning Instrument that effects new requirements for duplex design. This change was endorsed by State Government in October.

The specific provisions were available here but are now included in the planning scheme.

Members are encouraged to provide their feedback on this matter via