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CEO's Diary - 21 April 2017

This week I travelled north to meet with the Cairns Branch to discuss our Research Foundation, and the great advocacy they are doing in the region. We also held our Annual General Meeting and appointed the Board for the coming term. 

Past meetings

18 April – UDIA Qld Cairns Branch visit

I travelled to Cairns to meet with the local branch and discuss our Research Foundation.

19 April – UDIA Qld Annual General Meeting

We held our Annual General Meeting and appointed the Board for the coming term. The officers appointed were: Stephen Harrison (President), Michael Loney (Vice President), Ian Murray (Vice President), Sarah Macoun (Secretary), and Neil McAllister (Treasurer). The Directors appointed were: Warwick Bible, Lachlan Grantley, David Laner, Michael McNab, Paul Melville, and Brett Schimming. These new Board Members join the existing Board Members: Alan Buckle, Cameron Leggatt, and Patrice Sherrie. Stay tuned for a profile of your Board Members next week.

Future meetings

27 April – Infrastructure Industry Stakeholders Meeting

We will be attending the regular Infrastructure Industry Stakeholders Meeting with DILGP’s Director-General, Frankie Carroll, and other government and industry representatives. This meeting allows a spectrum of industry input on infrastructure investment by the State Government.

28 April – Brisbane City Plan Forum

We will attend a forum with Brisbane City Council representatives to discuss the proposed biodiversity, character and neighbourhood plan amendments to the Brisbane City Plan 2014.

I will keep you regularly updated on our meetings with government, and invite you to submit your questions to be raised. I can’t guarantee an answer, or that we can ask them all, but I invite you to submit a question for consideration.