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Bundaberg BP’s end of year wrap up

As Bundaberg Branch President of the Institute, on behalf of your committee, I would like to wish all members a fantastic safe Christmas break. As I suggested at our highly successful Building Bundaberg event a couple of weeks ago, I truly believe that 2018 will be a watershed year for Bundaberg’s property industry.

If I reflect back on the year and what lies ahead, I see lots of blue sky. We have a Council that, as Darryl Savage from Pacific Tug suggested, is the best and most co-operative that his company has dealt with.

Hervey Bay and the Sunshine Coast are going great guns and we are next in line up the coast. What I would implore to everyone is to be positive and jump at the opportunities that present themselves next year and beyond.

With Rubyanna almost finished, now is the time to sewer the coast from Burnett Heads to Elliott Heads. These mains sewers should be done ASAP to facilitate new projects and connect existing dry-sewered blocks, not to retrofit existing homes. They are two separate issues and complicate what is a simple process that simply requires money thrown at it to complete.

Throw in the new Level 5 training hospital, the 3-metre asphalt T multi-modal path from Bundaberg to Bargara and north and south to Burnett Heads and Elliott Heads and fixing up our very average 4 city entrances (including Airport Drive) and we are on a winner.

Have a terrific break and let’s all come back firing!

- Bill Moorhead