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Building Bundaberg event wrap up

More than 60 major players in Bundaberg’s development industry gathered at the Bundaberg Branch event, Building Bundaberg.

Positive feedback was received from attendees of the event noting the information provided in the local project updates was useful for their business.

Darryl Savage, Commercial Project Manager and Strategic Projects from Pacific Tug, explained the $35 million marine vessel maintenance facility in the Port of Bundaberg. He noted that Bundaberg’s existing skills base and supportive and receptive community were just some of the reasons for choosing Bundaberg as a location.

Jason Pascoe from Port of Bundaberg spoke about the State Development Area announcement, Justin Weier from Knauf Australia spoke about project Knauf, and Councillors Ross Sommerfeld and Helen Blackburn discussed the Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant and future level 5 training hospital located at the  University of Queensland.

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