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Andrew Bradford on the recent activity in Ipswich

Our latest issue of establish, the spring 2017 edition, is hot off the press and explores the idea of ‘diversity in housing product’ and how this stacks up in Queensland.

On page 55, Ipswich Branch President Andrew Bradford provides an update on the branch’s recent activity.

Here’s a snapshot of the branch update:

The emergence of missing middle housing product can be attributed to housing affordability issues and consumer demand for a wider array of choice, and these two factors are changing the look of suburbs in Ipswich.

We’re seeing a trend in the design of our future master planned communities to include missing middle housing types. For example, designs are now incorporating terrace style living rather than

standalone houses. What is more unexpected is that we’re also seeing the development of missing middle product in the region’s “emerging corridors”, such as Ripley Valley, Redbank Plains, and Walloon. Driving these developments is an underlying market demand, an emerging supply of retail amenity, open space, and public transport.

It’s an exciting time for the local development industry in Ipswich. Our market continues to perform well. The Institute’s Research Foundation recently released its Regional Radar report, which provides key sales and rent figures. Ipswich saw an increase in median house price and total land sales. Members received the full report in June 2017.

All in all, it’s an exciting time for the Ipswich region. The branch looks forward to continuing to strengthen the Ipswich community through advocacy and support of our members.

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