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Our submission on the draft Brisbane City Centre Neighbourhood Plan

How will Brisbane’s draft CCNP affect development?

We’ve lodged a submission welcoming the draft Brisbane City Council (BCC) City Centre Neighbourhood Plan (CCNP). The CCNP aims to ensure Brisbane’s future looks vibrant and attractive as it steers Brisbane towards transformation into a prosperous new world city.

In particular we congratulate BCC for a plan that:

  • Enables rather than controls (relative to existing planning controls)
  • Cuts through some of the red tape around levels of assessment
  • Encompasses areas such as Howard Smith Wharves precincts and parts of Milton which are functionally linked to the CBD
  • Aligns reasonably well with key policy documents such as the City Centre Master Plan and the Brisbane Economic Development Plan (2012-2031).

Our submission recommends some amendments to development assessment criteria, in particular:

  • Removing unnecessarily restrictive building heights and setbacks in the retail precinct when buildings have a ‘Mall street frontage’
  • Relaxing parking controls in the retail precinct so they don’t act as significant barriers to residential development.