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Fraser Coast Branch stimulates new Infrastructure Incentives Policy

The UDIA (Qld) Fraser Coast Branch has worked in partnership with the Fraser Coast Regional Council (FCRC) to activate the new infrastructure investment incentives. Through ongoing consultation, the Branch focused on the deferral of development charges and other incentives to benefit the development industry.

These new incentives are among the most competitive in regional Australia and they will shape the future of our region, in turn influencing the quality and affordability of Fraser Coast housing. This outcome shows the real and tangible benefits of open consultation between the FCRC and the UDIA (Qld) Fraser Coast Branch.

FCRC will soon embark on a national publicity campaign to sell the incentives scheme and is sending out a strong message that the Fraser Coast is ready for business and ready to compete nationally for serious investment.

FCRC is one of the only Council’s in Queensland to offer delayed infrastructure payment charges by offering discounts for new developments. It offers delayed payments for up to two years on residential development infrastructure charges and development subsidies of up to 60 per cent.

The policy supports a wider goal to make the Fraser Coast a competitive market that is open for business - FCRC should be congratulated on these efforts. You can find out more about the Infrastructure Incentives Policy here.