Membership BENEFITS

The UDIA (Qld) is an expert in Queensland’s property development industry. By being a member, you’re part of a highly motivated organisation that is making a big difference to communities around the state.

Key UDIA (Qld) member benefits

  • Access to industry intelligence through the UDIA (Qld) Research Foundation.
  • Networking and relationship building opportunities with key industry and government decision makers.
  • Invitations to member ONLY events.
  • Developers are able to participate by invitation in the Industry Leaders Research Group (ILRG) which directs the scope and drives qualitative consumer research, drilling down into key industry topics of interest.  The ILRG receive the findings and are able to influence policy and regulation via the findings.
  • Membership enables developers to submit projects in the prestigious annual UDIA (Qld) Awards for Excellence. Non-developers are able to submit for the Consultants award categories in the annual UDIA (Qld) Awards for Excellence.
  • Ability to be involved with our policy, regional branch and event committees.
  • Ability to nominate and be involved in regional branch committees and provide input into the local committees’ activities.
  • Opportunities to contribute to policy committees and submissions.
  • Access to up to date policy changes through industry reports, member updates, newsletters and events.
  • Position your company as an industry leader by supporting Queensland’s property development peak body.
  • Opportunities to partner, sponsor and advertise.
  • Education and professional development.
  • UDIA (Qld) annual general meeting voting rights.
  • Being represented, connected and supported by Queensland’s property development peak body.
  • UDIA (Qld) meeting facilities at no cost, subject to availability.