Sunshine Coast Business CouncilInvites you!

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      11:30PM - 2:30PM
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      Fri 08 Aug 2014
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      4th Floor Restaurant, Level 4/77, Mooloolaba Esplanade
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This is a Non UDIA (Qld) Event.

The Sunshine Coast Business Council (SCBC) invites you to a lunch on Thursday 14 August 2014 to hear from two guest speakers from the Business Council of Australia (BCA): 

  • Ms Jennifer Westacott, Chief Executive
  • Mr Simon Pryor, Chief Economist (Acting) and Policy Director  

BCA is arguably Australia's most influential business group through its membership of more than 100 of Australia's most successful business leaders.  For over 30 years BCA has provided a forum for Australian business leaders to contribute directly to public policy debates and to initiate and shape the key economic and business reform debates that supports long-term economic growth for the benefit of the nation and all Australians.

In mid 2013, BCA released its Economic Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity to stimulate national discussion of changes Australia must make over the next decade to ensure it remains a competitive and great country.  The action plan set clear goals around three themes:

·   a strong and growing economy with full employment

·   a strong society with improving living standards

·   growing our economy efficiently and sustainably.

The plan highlights the risks and opportunities Australia faces from changed economic circumstances, here and around the world, an ageing population and technological advances and provides a blueprint for change by recommending actions across nine policy areas that Australia needs to get right.   You can read the Economic Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity on the BCA website at

Now we have an opportunity to hear first hand from the Chief Executive on how the Economic Action Plan has influenced national political and business debate and how it will contribute to the growth of regions such as the Sunshine Coast.  

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