Joining The Dots

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      5:30PM - 7:00PM
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      Tue 23 Aug 2016
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      Allens, Level 26, 480 Queen Street, Brisbane
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The Planning Institute of Australia invites you to Joining the dots: How can transport infrastructure stimulate economic development?

Transport infrastructure is commonly seen as a defining feature of a well-planned city. Urban planning calls for a holistic planning approach where best practice planning principles and transport connectivity go hand in hand. However transport infrastructure projects are typically complex, costly, and often controversial. Clearly outlining the benefits of transport infrastructure development is essential to ensure the best planning intentions are implemented.

This seminar draws together a diverse range of speakers with direct experience in implementing city-defining transport infrastructure projects. The seminar provides practitioners with both the theoretical basis, and practical examples, of how transport infrastructure can stimulate development and wider economic activity, thereby providing benefits to cities beyond just the movement of people and goods. Practical case studies based on two of Queensland’s most significant transport projects and essential economic principles will be discussed, providing participants with key insights into how transport infrastructure is contributing to the future economic prosperity of the region.


Marcus Brown

Economic Associates

Denis Wagner

Managing Director, Wagners

Ken Deutscher

Manager Transport and Traffic - City of Gold Coast

Shannon Batch