Net-PositiveDevelopment Workshop

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      2:00PM - 5:00PM
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      Fri 08 May 2015
    • Location

      University of the Sunshine Coast Room DG47
  • Designing for a Positive Legacy

What does it mean to design something that has a positive legacy?

This workshop event will demonstrate how design wisdom can and will lead to a sustainable regenerative hopeful future.

This international Regenerative Sustainability workshop, most recently delivered in New York City, is being held this for the first time in Australia - in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. This is a Formal CPD workshop that runs for 3 hours (3 Formal CPD points) and is being held at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

This workshop is for Sunshine Coast Architects, AIA and SONA members, Building Designers, Designers, Local Government, Town Planners, Landscape Architects, Water/Energy/Environmental Consultants, Developers, Property Industry, Students of the University of Sunshine Coast, and community members.


This workshop will explain what regenerative design is and then challenge participants to respond with their ideas which will then be shared in a way to show how those ideas are illustrative of regeneration and give suggestions on how the aspirations to equip future people and environments to thrive and be abundant can be embedded in the responses.  

This workshop will include presentations and interactive scenarios that explore the following:

  • If the design problem is the city; can you design something that will provide a fertile ground for all humans and nature?
  • Regeneration is not about restoration, and it is not about making things as good as they were in the past; it is about paving the way for things to self-determine, to evolve, to learn and take ownership.
  • How do we do this for every decision we make, whether designing a pencil or a whole city?
  • What can we do to connect everyone to the potential that they have to be a significant part of the future?
  • Can you design something that has a positive legacy?

Ticket Prices:

A+ Member                        $30.00
Institute Member              $35.00
Non Member                     $50.00
Graduate Member            $28.00
SONA Student Member    $25.00


Dr Dominique Hes

Academic from Melbourne University
Author of Designing for Hope: Pathways to Regenerative Sustainability

Dr Janis Birkeland

Publisher of Net Positive Development Theory