Central Queensland Planning System Workshop

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      12:00PM - 2:00PM
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      Wed 01 Mar 2017
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      The Travelodge Rockhampton
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  • Central Queensland Planning System Workshop

Where the rubber hits the road.

We have a new Planning Act. But how will we use it to unlock development potential? 

Join local council representatives, industry leaders and James Coutts, from the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, to workshop over refreshments on how we will make it all work.

This workshop will allow the group to choose from a number of relevant discussion points for the region, including:

  •  Well-made applications;
  • Council and industry communication;
  • Councillor education;
  • Transparency and community engagement in Development Applications;
  • New timeframes;
  • Changing culture around information request;
  • Practicalities of transition to the new Act; and
  • Infrastructure agreements.

What else should we chat about? Forward your discussion points to the UDIA Qld Regional Services Team via

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*Cost includes working lunch.


James Coutts

Executive Director, Planning Services Division - Department of Infrastructure Local Government and Planning