About us

Sunshine Coast Branch OVERVIEW

The Sunshine Coast Branch of the Institute is the place to be for networking, knowledge, and making the most of the development industry on the Coast.

And it’s our industry that drives much of the growth on the Sunshine Coast. The development industry is the fourth largest generator of employment in the region and directly accounts for 11 percent of jobs.

Our industry matters, and growth on the coast is a direct result of the work of our members.

When decision makers want to know about the development industry and the drivers for growth, they come to us.

We’ve built this reputation over time, and by consistently demonstrating that our members are committed locals, who have made the Sunshine Coast their home and the place to do business.

We advocate for our members because we know the positive impact our industry has on the prosperity of our community.

We provide our members access to expert insight, innovations and trends in our industry, and ensure that their voices are heard.

Everyday we continue to build our reputation as expert advisors to local decision makers. On the Coast, the Institute is ahead of the pack; we give our members the grass-roots knowledge of the local development market, and our state-wide contacts and resources mean we can provide members with the high-level research into the market and changing demographics.

There has never been a better time to join or get involved with the Sunshine Coast Branch.