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Ipswich Branch OVERVIEW

With major new developments underway and on the horizon, the development industry in Ipswich is poised to be a driver of economic growth for the west.

Around eight per cent of the region’s workforce, or 8,000 people, are directly employed by the development industry in the Ipswich region. As a branch of the UDIA Queensland, we know that when our industry is doing well, our community is doing well.

There are benefits to the whole region when the community has the confidence to make housing and investment decisions about where they live, work and play.

Our focus on building relationships with the Ipswich City Council means we enjoy open dialogue on industry related topics including infrastructure charging reductions and development incentives. 

The Ipswich City Council has declared itself as open and accessible to the development industry and we are proud to represent our members and work with council to provide the opportunities for long-term sustained economic growth.

Our advocacy, on behalf of our members, has resulted in the establishment of the Infrastructure Sub Committee to review policies at Ipswich City Council.

It is an exciting time for our region. The recently opened Springfield Rail link, now means a major master planned community is just 40 minutes away from the CBD by rail. The rail link is a key part of the transformation and expansion of Ipswich.

To find out more, contact the Ipswich Branch President, Frank Galvin.