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Bundaberg Branch OVERVIEW

The Bundaberg Branch of the UDIA Queensland is an active community of business leaders who are committed to building a better Bundaberg.

The Branch has been instrumental in working with the Bundaberg Regional Council by providing advice and support for the design and implementation of the 2013 ‘Bundaberg Open for Development’ package. 

This initiative provides a range of incentives to stimulate development and boost economic growth and employment in the greater Bundaberg region. The advocacy on behalf of members has achieved reductions in infrastructure charges or conditioned contributions of up to 75 per cent.

The years of building relationships with local government culminated in 2013 with the UDIA Queensland Bundaberg Branch and Bundaberg Regional Council signing a memorandum of understanding to support and build sustained economic growth in the region.

This was a significant milestone and guarantees a long-term positive and collaborative approach that will support development activity and create wonderful communities for residents and visitors to Bundaberg.

UDIA Queensland Bundaberg Branch events attract attendees from across the Bundaberg business community and provide expert knowledge on the issues facing our community, our region, the State and beyond.