About us

Organisational OVERVIEW

  • The Institute is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation
  • The Institute is the largest of five state organisations affiliated with the national body, the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA)
  • At the national level, UDIA is governed by a National Council made up of eleven councillors elected annually from the state bodies
  • The Institute is governed by a Board of Directors, elected annually
  • The Board of Directors and the Institute are supported by a network of committees made up of volunteers from our membership. There are three broad roles of the committees:

- to provide expert advice on organisational initiatives (e.g. Awards for Excellence, Membership, Annual Developers Conference, Events and Sponsorship)

- to guide policy issues (e.g. Planning and Environment Committee, Economic Development, Infrastructure and Taxation Committee, Seniors Living Committee)

- to guide local issues (each of the 11 regional branches has its own management committee to provide guidance on local planning matters).


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides governance and strategic direction for the Institute's policy agenda and activities.

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Our many committees direct our work to ensure that it reflects the needs of our members.

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