About us


The Queensland office of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) was set up in 1971. The Queensland office is the largest of the UDIA state bodies.

UDIA Qld plays an important role in helping all segments of the property development industry to add real value to Queensland communities.

For more than 40 years we have been an integral and visible part of the property development industry in Queensland, representing thousands of members, running thousands of events, and preparing thousands of submissions.

Over the years we have recognised the local differences that require on the ground industry representation.  Responding to this important requirement, we have grown to represent all of Queensland through our regional branch structure

We’ve been a key player in all significant decisions relating to planning legislation, new development guidelines, housing affordability, major property initiatives, urban renewal, infrastructure planning, regional and coastal plans, water and waste strategies, biodiversity, rural planning, open space, housing needs, environmental issues, transport and cultural heritage.

We have a vision and a plan to keep growing and supporting the property development industry in the quest to create world class communities for Queenslanders.